Residential and Highrise Products

Whether you need to reduce waste collection pickups, manage hard-to-compact refuse, or find a solution for a limited footprint, Metro Compactor Service has a solution. Call or email us today for help, or to find out more about the exciting products and services that we can provide.


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The workhorse of the industry, the AP-7227HD is a heavy duty, single cylinder waste compactor designed to handle high volumes of garbage.

High compaction forces, intelligent programming and robust design reduce the number containers that need to be put out on garbage day. These features save on annual solid waste fees and power consumption.

The AP-4830HD is one of the heavy duty, cross cylinder waste compactors designed for sites with limited space.

The cross cylinder design makes this unit 24″ shorter in length than the AP-7227 series. Despite the reduced footprint, the AP-4830 still has the high compaction forces, intelligent programming and energy saving features that are available in full sized compactors.


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Metro Compactor provides Rotationally Molded Hybrid Front, Rear, and Side Load Plastic Containers in 2,3,4,6,7, and 8 cubic yard sizes.

This Steel Garbage Bin has a 2, 3, 4 or 6 yard capacity that is water tight and capable of being dumped by the city’s front-loading garbage trucks.

A Compaction Container is made to facilitate high-rise apartments with limited space.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rely on Metro Compactor Service.

Metro Compactor offers Organic Waste Containers in a 2 or 3 yard option.

Additional Products

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Vertical wall mounted bike racks to protect your equipment and eliminate clutter.

Designed to move and transport loads easily on all floor types.

Ontario Waste Management Association
Hamilton District Apartment Association
Greater Toronto Apartment Association
Canadian Condominium Institute
Association of Condominium Managers Ontario