Apartment Bike Storage

Bike Racks:

Vertical Wall-Mounted Bike Racks protect your bicycles while eliminating clutter in your building. Bike Racks can be placed in the basement of a condo, or inside a parking garage, facilitating both security and neatness.

Apartment bike racks

We build and install various types of floor and wall-mounted bicycle racks on request. We have different styles of bike racks to cover your secure storage needs, including floor-mounted multiple units, wall-mounted and rod-style racks for individual upright cycles, flat-style racks for suspending cycles horizontally and vertical-style hangers.

Installing bike storage has the added benefit of encouraging residents to commute by bicycle, there by promoting public health while decreasing traffic congestion. Maximize your storage space encouraging healthier lifestyle choices by selecting the appropriate style of Bike Rack to suit your building’s needs.

Bike Rack Features:

  • Wall-mounted, vertical bicycle storage

  • Secured easily with single Pad Lock

  • Requires 50% less space than floor-based bike rack

  • Secure and easy to use

Bike Cages:

We offer lockable mesh style lockers for storage rooms and elevated units for individual parking spots. Metro Compactor also designs, builds and maintains side-hinged safety doors for ground floor depots. We also have linen chutes for mixed-use condo/hotel projects.

Apartment bike cage

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