Puroma M300 Deodorizer

Rental Program:

Full service, Installation, Maintenance and Refill

Coverage up to 30,000 Sq Feet
Innovative technology for quick diffusion
Plant-based scented oils
Super Quiet <48 dBa
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Discover the Puroma M300 Deodorizer: Redefining Ambiance for High-Rise Mult Residential and Condo Spaces. With advanced aroma diffusion technology, PuromaM300 guarantees consistent and delightful scent distribution throughout the premises.


Puroma M300 is designed to enhance the ambience of commercial and multi-residential spaces. M300 disperses delightful scents evenly, ensuring every corner is filled with freshness. Say goodbye to stale odors and hello to a welcoming environment that leaves a lasting impression on visitors and residents alike.

This system not only improves air quality but also significantly enhances the living experience by neutralizing odours associated with trash chutes and compactor areas.


Selecting the Puroma M300 Deodorizer for your building’s waste management system means choosing a superior quality of life for your residents. The subtle yet effective scent diffusion helps maintain a consistently fresh and inviting atmosphere, crucial for enhancing tenant satisfaction and retention.

Enhance your property’s appeal and ensure a pleasant living environment with the Puroma M300 Deodorizer.

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  • Extended Coverage: Efficiently serves areas up to 30,000 square feet, making it perfect for multi-residential buildings.
  • Quiet Operation: Operates below 48 dBa, ensuring a tranquil environment without adding noise.
  • Eco-Friendly Choices: Uses high-quality, plant-based essential oils that are safer for residents and the environment.
  • Rapid Scent Distribution: Innovative technology disperses scents quickly and evenly throughout the area, eliminating unwanted odors swiftly.
  • Customizable Scent Options: Choose from a variety of scents to best suit the preferences of your residents and enhance the overall appeal of common areas and hallways.


Metro Compactor provides a full-service rental program that includes installation, maintenance, and refill services. Our dedicated team ensures that the Puroma M300 operates optimally with regular checks and balance measures, allowing property management teams to focus on other aspects of building management without worry.

Original Price: $99.99/Month
Promo Price: $89.99/Month

$10 off per month


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M300 Deodorizer


Model. no.: M300

1st version: Button only

Power/Voltage: DC 12V / 9W
Coverage: 30,000 sqft
Dimension: W305.5mm*D117.5mm*H364mm
Bottle capacity: 1000 ml aluminum bottle
Noise level: ≤ 48 dBa
Installation method: Stand-alone / Wall-mounted / HVAC Connect
Accessory: hanging bracket and screws, connecting tube, atomizer core, seal ring,  adaptor, user manual, etc.