Our Wilkinson apartment garbage chutes have worked on thousands of new developments. We know how to ensure that everything related to waste disposal systems goes smoothly and efficiently in your project.


Your Project Team selection & design is critical to your success, ensuring delivery of a scaleable; cost effective; on time; on budget, building or complex.

Rely on Wilkinson Chutes Canada’s ® (WCC) excellence for Chute Based Waste Management or Linen Systems. Rest easy and benefit with us as your partner for supply of project design and hassle-free equipment delivery / installation.

We guarantee project excellence from inception:

  • Effective use of space with our expert CAD System design layouts; Consultation for Suitable equipment specifications
  • Collaboration with your Construction and Trades team(s)
  • Property Management and Staff education & advice to complete a smooth, effective turnover throughout the owner occupancy phase.


WCC builds the highest quality products in the market – priced competitively!

We offer a complete range of components, ensuring you get the right product for the job. Our custom design guarantees precise “fit and finish” for a deficiency-free result every time!


WCC offers “In-House” Leasing and optional Maintenance programs with Extended Warranties – a “win-win” low cost system for everyone!
WCC – Your Waste Management System Partner – Precise Fit – Deficiency Free!

Resources for:

Project Design and Product Specifications

Wilkinson was founded in the early 1900’s – North America’s first Chute manufacturer. Today Wilkinson Chutes Canada ® (WCC) is the world’s leading manufacturer. We design; manufacture, supply & installing inovative Linen & Waste / Recycling Chute Systems, used in Residential; Mixed Use – Hotel & Healthcare markets

We’re here to collaborate with you; your Architects; Mechanical Consultants and Construction team. As a key team member – we can help early in the project design and application process.

Our expertise is unparalleled we having designed & built ALL system elements for years. Our Custom Waste Management Systems are guaranteed to provide a precise, functional fit & finish. Our pricing is competitive. We seamlessly deliver all system components, with your project team.

Traditional Linen & Disposal Chutes with Garbage Compactors & Bin systems are often specified. Today, urban areas expect “as convenient” Recycling System planning – call us to discuss your options.

Our Tri-Sorter & Bi-Sorter systems are built with quality and customized for the site application. We also offer a safe, powerful WCC H.D. Bin mover or various Bin Handling Systems.

For Project Planning we offer CAD layout system design, insuring an efficient “space saving” functional fit & finish. Our knowledge keeps you “in the loop” we are here to assist with your Site Plan Application submission – just Contact Us.

We offer “in-house” leasing, with optional extended warranty programs.

  • Planning Advice & Design of On-budget Chute based systems.
  • Diverse product range – customized to cost effectively meet your needs.

Consult early; plan wisely & control costs – insure your project is a success!

Ask us about our Tarion Guarantee!

Project Design and Product Specifications

Wilkinson Chutes Canada ® (WCC) is Canada’s leading design innovator & manufacturer; supplier / installer of Linen & Waste Management Chute Systems for use in Residential, Healthcare / Hospitality & I.C.I. markets.

We have comprehensive, Specifications available and can assist with CAD layouts for a functional system design. We can assist with SPA applications!

Today, urban planning demands comprehensive Waste Diversion strategies.

Wilkinson created Chute Systems for Linen & Disposal in the 1920’s. A direct vertical descent is important – especially at the termination point. Avoid offsets (bends) wherever possible!

Insure space below is adequate for Tri-Sorter Diversion system installation!

Finally, provide a plan for Town Houses / Ground Floor resident access.

WCC’s complete selection of Products insures you are choosing the optimum system option, for the project needs. Quality Tri/Bi-Sorters are our specialty.

The Chute Intake Door selection is an important feature – garbage doors are not ideal for “Recycling systems” especially if LEED is being sought.

WCC is also an ideal partner for Mixed Use & large multiple building complexes. Lower floors generally require separated disposal facility planning for Office / Commercial space. Our Metro Compactor Service ® (MCS) Division is Canada’s I.C.I. Waste Management Equipment market leader. We understand complex design parameters and offer advice for the most suitable equipment selection, with collection service parameters in mind.

  • Expert advice with space efficient equipment design layout.
  • Cost-effective – operational functionality.
  • WCC Designs & Builds all elements – Chute & Associated components.
  • Complete product selection for all markets

WCC’s expertise will keep you “in the loop” with evolving Waste Diversion Programs.

Would your team benefit from an Educational Power Point Presentation? Contact us

Insure your clients receive design excellence – enhance your reputation!

Project Design and Product Specifications

Wilkinson has supplied Chute systems since the 1920’s Wilkinson Chutes Canada ® (WCC) is the country’s leading manufacturer of Chute Systems for Residential, Healthcare / Hospitality & I.C.I. markets.

Insure you choose the correct product to meet the Project needs – for project planning advice & recommendations Contact us

WCC designs & builds all rated chute elements; and offers a range of “site suitable” ULc & WHI Doors. We also carry optional chute components to suit the project requirements.

Previously, Waste Management items (i.e. – Bins / Compactors) were separated from the chute (found in a different area of bid documents).

Multi Material Disposal “as convenient” Waste Diversion Planning has evolved to an “automated building system” including: Chutes; Doors & Recycling Systems. WCC’s product selection insures you recommend the optimum integrated specifications, minimizing deficiencies and simplifying the building process.

We offer expert project planning and a suitable quality Tri-Sorter System.

A key consideration for High Rises is a “Lockable” Recycling Door, integrated to our “Intelli-Gen” PLC system, providing resident access control and system troubleshooting for staff. The system includes a control panel connection to provide Optional “Remote Alert System” (at the concierge desk) for 24/7 real time system alerts.

We also have expertise in Mixed Use building projects. Our Metro Compactor Service ® Division is Canada’s I.C.I. market leader.

For organizations looking to execute Replacement Chute Systems or Door upgrades we are here to discuss your needs.

Rely on WCC for:

Complete Chute Systems – Linen or Disposal

Cost-effective, site specific – product recommendations.

Expert advice with exacting equipment specifications.

Consult with WCC experts; choose cost-effective, suitable project specs!

Project Design and Product Specifications

Wilkinson Chutes Canada ® (WCC) is the leading manufacturer of Chute Systems & Waste Management Systems, for use in Residential, Healthcare / Hospitality and I.C.I. markets. We provide quality Bins; Compactors; Tri-Sorters; & Bi-Sorters.

Recycling systems at the chute termination point require clear space for Waste Management equipment – special attention to placement of other trades equipment will avoid changes and deficiencies!

We’re available to meet with you to review project specifications & system
layouts: advise on design details & coordinate scheduling – avoiding costly errors!
We offer competitive Chute/Waste Mgmt Systems pricing & Tarion Guarantees

As the industries longest established: on-time; on-budget; hassle free supplier, we guarantee a Functional “Fit and Finish”!

We also offer a wide range of Specialty products such as: Waste Room Equipment & Bike Racks

We also offer expertise for Bin Handling Systems & Large Compactor / Baler Equipment for Mixed Use Complexes.

Got a challenging site equipment issue – we have the solution!

WCC designs and builds all components of the system for a seamless project!

We deliver (& install) various components, as requested.

Our expert installers verify final site details; then we provide shop drawings & completed specifications. A delivery / installation timetable is established, eliminating your “micro-management headaches”!

Contact us to discuss your project needs or Request a Quote.


Your partner – where value & customer satisfaction are “Job 1”

Project Design and Product Specifications

Wilkinson has supplied Chute Systems since the 1920’s – Wilkinson Chutes Canada ® (WCC) is the country’s leading manufacturer in all markets. We carry all rated components & door types (including Ground Floor “Thru-the-Wall” TTW units). We also have many optional items – just let us know what is specified.

Contact us to discuss the project details, or Request a Quote and we’ll work with you to prepare Shop Drawings.

If sleeves or a Factory Installed Sound Dampening Coating is required let us know. We also offer you Specialized HD Chute Offsets if required.

We guarantee you time sensitive production scheduling for pick up or delivery. WCC is your partner for on-time; on-budget product supply & service. As an Independent Chute supplier we don’t bid Project Ventilation contracts, just work cooperatively with our dealer partners. We can also assist with installations if requested.

WCC – Your partner for all chute system products.

Project Design and Product Specifications for Developers

We’re here to collaborate with you; your Architects; Mechanical Consultants and Construction team. As a key team member – we can help early in the project design and application process.