Metro Retrofits Help You Lower Costs

Recycling and proper waste sorting has never been as important as it is now.

We focus on quality because equipment and systems that break less often and work better have less downtime, incur less expenses, and save you the headaches.

Metro’s Retrofitted Garbage Chute Disposal Systems Are Our specialty.

We offer expert advice and optional Waste Diversion System Retrofits. Our approach includes unique strategies – to integrate resident convenience and staff protocols with Management oversight, for Board/Owner approval.

With Organics implementation a comprehensive discussion will be needed to implement a successful program plan. Often the conversion of a Garbage Chute to a Tri-Sorter / Bi-Sorter System is chosen. Many sites may need a safe, durable WCC HD Bin Mover to deal with these heavy bins.

Our comprehensive selection of Retrofit Systems offer various waste diversion improvements for your consideration.

WCC is unique, providing all system components, ensuring design excellence! Our pricing is competitive and warranties lead the industry. We offer low cost solutions, minimizing long-term maintenance expenses.

Specialty Products

We also carry a wide range of Metal Storage Specialties: such as Bike Racks; Mesh Storage Lockers (in parking spaces); Louvers, Vents & Grilles; Wall Corner Guards; Door Kick Plates. To discuss your needs or request a FREE major site retrofit assessment contact us.

Management Companies – Would your team benefit from an Educational Power Point Presentation at an upcoming meeting? This qualifies for RCM Credits! “Certified” Preventative Maintenance Programs (PM’s) & Parts

Project Design and Product Specifications for Developers

We’re here to collaborate with you; your Architects; Mechanical Consultants and Construction team. As a key team member – we can help early in the project design and application process.