Metro Compactor Service Acquires Miller Waste Solutions Group – July 5, 2023

Metro Compactor Service acquires Miller Waste Solutions Group Acquisition includes waste and recycling equipment service and manufacturing division of Miller Waste Systems TORONTO – July 5, 2023 – Metro Compactor Service, Canada's leading expert in waste and recycling equipment service and supply for over 40 years, is expanding its operations and further scaling up in Ontario with the acquisition of Miller Waste Solutions Group. The company, (formerly WSG), is [...]

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Metro Compactor Service set to shake up WasteExpo – April 26, 2023

21st Century Trash: Metro Compactor Service set to shake up WasteExpo TORONTO – April 26, 2023 –Metro Compactor Service, North America’s leading expert in waste and recycling equipment and service for over 40 years, is set to make an impact next week at Waste Expo in New Orleans, LA. WasteExpo is the leading event in North America for waste, recycling and organics professionals from the private and public sector. The [...]

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Metro Compactor Service Press Release – November 21st, 2022

Metro Compactor Service acquires Compaction Plus Company continues its focus on transforming Canada’s trash TORONTO – November 21, 2022 –Metro Compactor Service, Canada's leading expert in waste and recycling equipment and service for over 40 years, is transforming the waste industry once again with the acquisition of Compaction Plus, a premier provider of waste handling equipment in Ontario. The purchase of Compaction Plus will boost Metro’s rental fleet allowing [...]

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Recycling and Waste Innovations: The Ultimate List

We’re all aware of the environmental issues we could face in the future if we don’t reduce the amount of waste we produce.  As such, we’ve made it our mission to ‘un-earth’ some of the most innovative ideas for recycling and reusing waste, from simple changes you can implement at home in your daily life, to more complex schemes for business and industry.  This article takes an in-depth look [...]

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37 Ways to Reduce Waste (at Home and Work)

There has never been more urgency around the issue of minimizing waste. In this article, we’ll give you practical, actionable ideas to help you reduce plastic use and reduce your carbon footprint in six different settings, including schools, factories and shared buildings. We’ve assigned each tip a difficulty rating between one and ten, with one the easiest and ten the most difficult. We’re destroying the global ecosystem [...]

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Metro Compactor Service Press Release – April 5th, 2021

Chutes, Try and Bi Sorters, Compactors, Bins, and everything in between serviced with one phone call.  Metro Compactor Service and Wilkinson Chutes unite to deliver Super Service TORONTO – April 6, 2021 –  Facility managers’ lives in Canada's residential spaces (condos and apartments) got a lot easier as Metro Compactor Service is merging its service and repair division with sister company Wilkinson Chutes Canada. The two companies are uniting their service [...]

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Metro Compactor Service Press Release – August 6th, 2020

Metro Compactor Service joins MaRS Momentum toward $100 millionWaste equipment leader named as one of Canada’s future economic starsTORONTO – August 6, 2020 – Metro Compactor Service, a leader in waste equipment in Canada for 40 years, today announced it has been selected as one of Canada’s future economic stars – and one of 53 companies joining the MaRS Momentum Program.The program is designed to support high growth science and [...]

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Default Test Post

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Waste and Recycling Equipment Buying and Renting Guide

The right waste and recycling equipment can result in higher efficiency, less downtime, less required manpower, and more savings. The guide below will help you identify such equipment for your specific situation. The first thing to identify is the type and volume of waste that your organization produces. The kind of equipment you need for dry waste is different than that for wet waste. If [...]

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Municipality of Chatham-Kent

I just thought I’d share a picture of the compactor unit from my visit earlier today. I just missed your installation staff as they are on site now completing the job. The unit looks great and seems to be very user friendly so the operator is very happy! I look forward to doing this again in the future. Thanks.

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