21st Century Trash: Metro Compactor Service set to shake up WasteExpo

TORONTO – April 26, 2023 –Metro Compactor Service, North America’s leading expert in waste and recycling equipment and service for over 40 years, is set to make an impact next week at Waste Expo in New Orleans, LA.

WasteExpo is the leading event in North America for waste, recycling and organics professionals from the private and public sector. The event offers an interactive conference program that dives deep into vital industry topics such as recycling, landfills, fleet management, collections, organics, safety, food waste and recovery, and more.

“As garbage hauling costs continue to rise across North America, so do the operation costs associated with waste equipment,” said Andrew Strudwicke, President of Metro Compactor Service. “Facility managers, multi-residential property owners, and large retailers across the continent are feeling the pressure in the entire waste stream and are looking for sustainable, cost-effective alternatives.”

At the event, Metro Compactor Service will be showcasing several service solutions, all designed with customer needs in mind, including optimal performance and improved lifecycle costs of equipment.

iSMART: An IoT approach to trash

Metro Compactor Service’s iSMART is an IoT enabled system that allows for remote troubleshooting and fullness diagnostics of waste equipment anytime and from anywhere. iSMART can be installed both internally and externally on all types of waste compactors and balers – making waste and recycling more efficient, sustainable, and transparent. Metro Compactor Service representatives will be answering attendee questions onsite and hosting visual demonstrations.

iSMART’s two-pronged approach to waste equipment and services includes proactive asset performance management to reduce overall equipment costs, as well as fullness diagnostics to drive efficiency in haulage costs – helping organizations reach and surpass their sustainability and waste efficiency goals and optimize equipment performance throughout its lifetime.

Refurbished waste equipment

Businesses and facilities are understanding the benefits of equipment refurbishment as a component of ongoing improvement in business.

Metro provides refurbished equipment to help reduce costs without sacrificing quality. In addition to reducing carbon footprint, landfill use, resources and wastewater, it decreases supply chain transportation and labour costs. All Metro equipment (New and Refurbished) comes equipped with iSMART technology.

Sustainability and circular economy

Ultimately, Metro Compactor Service wants to become the unrivaled, first choice for waste equipment service across North America. The company realizes this vision by continuing to offer unparalleled proactive service, that helps companies save money and meet sustainability goals.

“We are passionate about helping customers reduce waste equipment and service costs,” said Strudwicke. “Ultimately, our goal is a reduction in the overall carbon footprint of managing waste – including fewer trucks, fewer bins and longer equipment life, something that is good for our customers, the environment and a circular economy.”

Visit Metro Compactor Service at Waste Expo

The team at Metro would love to meet you in person. Drop by our booth to meet their team, see a demo, and grab some cool swag. See Metro Compactor Service at booth 346 in the linked exhibitor map.


Metro Compactor Service is Canada’s leading expert in waste and recycling equipment, committed to quality in its staff, service, and products. The company offers a full range of technology enabled waste equipment services and sales for the multi-unit residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional markets nationwide. Its network of skilled technicians provides Super Service™ to ensure customers operate at the lowest system cost. Insight provided by iSMART™ Technology helps customers reach their sustainability goals, minimize downtime, and extend equipment life. Metro’s service fleet—the largest in Canada—repairs and maintains equipment of every make, model, and size, in every marketplace. For more information call 416-743-8484.


Lynda Trudell