Mall or Large Retailer

Transparency isn’t often associated with the waste industry – at least not without our IoT technology.

iSMART Technology allows us to optimize your asset’s performance and extend its life. We lower service call frequency, avoid some calls entirely, and make sure your bins are full when they’re taken. With our help your system works better and uses-up fewer resources.

Commercial & Industrial Preventative Maintenance Program

What's included:

  • Priority Response
  • Preferred Service and Parts Rate
  • Full report after each PM Service
  • Annual, Semi-annual, and Quarterly PM Schedule
We will maintain and service the customer’s equipment annually, semi-annually, or quarterly, depending on the selected schedule.

Each Preventative Maintenance inspection includes the complete inspection of Equipment such as compactors, balers, recycling systems, garbage chutes, recycling, and organic containers.

At the conclusion of each service a report is provided outlining the condition of the equipment and any required repairs to ensure optimal performance.
Customized programs are available; please contact us for more information.

To speak with a representative, please call or email us at:

416 743 8484 ext 2