Moving heavy bins is now SAFER and EASIER

Designed to assist in transporting garbage and recycling bins, Metro Compactor Service’s bin pullers are battery-powered and operate at walking speed for superior control and maneuverability.

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Gryphon Bin Puller
For Heavier Loads

Gryphon Model

Designed for your more challenging hauling needs, the Gryphon combines the Dragon’s safe and easy to use features with a more powerful motor and height adjustable drawbar.

The Gryphon is equipped with:

  • A heavy duty 3/16” and 1/4” zinc-plated, lasercut formed steel frame with welded attachments
  • 24-volt continuous duty motor
  • A rechargeable, sealed, lead-acid battery and fully automatic stand-alone charger
  • Self-centering, height adjustable drawbar with 180-degree swing
  • Dimensions: L38” x W34” x H40”


Safe and Easy to Use with:

  • Lever-activated on/off, and forward/off/ reverse toggle switch
  • Front side pivoting bar for precision turning
  • Plug-in, ULC-rated rechargeable battery
  • Back-up emergency stop switch
  • Automatic anti-runaway braking
  • Extended draw bar available for improved turning radius

Powered By:

  • Body constructed from 14-gauge CR steel and coated with heavy duty powder
  • 12-volt DC, 1HP automotive winch motor and chain drive
  • Pneumatic tires with industrial tread
  • Dimensions: L67” x W42” x H28”

Need more power?

Each Bin Puller is hand-built in Brampton, Ontario.
Metro Compactor Service also supplies a wide range of optional equipment to accommodate special applications.

  • Customized drawbars and hitches
  • 36-volt heavy-duty motor for heavier bins, longer distances, steeper grades and longer duty cycle
  • 18-inch, extra grip, foam-filled and puncture-proof tires with steel 4-bolt demountable rims, external weight pods for better traction and chains for snow
    and ice
Metro Compactor Service backs this equipment with a one-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

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