Metro Compactor is the maintenance vendor responsible for maintaining and fixing our compactors and balers throughout Canada. Early in May, Karen from Maintenance set up a visit at 7240 in Bowmanville with our team and Metro Compactor to discuss compactor maintenance, performance, and the preventative maintenance process. Bowmanville has always struggled with compactor weights, and despite their efforts, have a YTD average of 4.13MT, and a 2013 average of 5.19MT. After discussing the process with the vendor for about 2 hours at the store, the vendor did their regular preventative maintenance. Claudio from Metro Compactor continued to monitor this compactor daily for the past 3 weeks, and on their first pickup the store had a weight of 7MT. By monitoring it daily, the vendor had the ability to see what was going on, and suggest improvements to either maintenance or the store process. This was a great example of how the maintenance, and close monitoring by the vendor resulted in a 25% improvement without any action needed by the store.

We are working with 2 additional stores now for the vendor to monitor (7011 and 7238), and will continue to work closely with this vendor and Maintenance to look for maintenance led improvements without impacting the store in situations where performance is limited. We are working on reviewing trends on our worst performing stores so that we can work with maintenance to review PM’s at those sites.

Shea – Claudio from Metro Compactor has done a great job working with us – his manager is Danny.