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Recycling Systems: Waste Management Equipment (W.M.E)

WME – Tri-Sorter

WME – AP-7727 Compactor

Chute Doors

Waste chute – ULC fire rated bottom hinged

Linen chute – ULC fire rated side hinged

Recycling System – ULC fire rated bottom hinged

Chrome Doors – Warnock Hersey fire rated bottom hinged

Incinerator replacement door

Chute Accessories

Disinfecting & Sanitizing Unit with Access Door

Fully vented roof caps

Containers and Totes

Waste / Recycling / Organics Bins

Through the Wall Bin

35 / 64 / 95 Gallon Totes

Specialty Items

Rodent / Vermin Control

Odour Control

Bin Pullers

Fly Control

Bike Racks

Double Tier

Horizonal – Floor Mount

Horizontal – Wall Mount

Fly Control