Self Contained Auger Compactor

Metro Compactor’s Self-Contained Auger Compactor is easy to use and maintenance friendly. 

Features such as the short tail for dock feeding, or rear feeding, and the check valve action that assures materials stay in the container, all add up to a reliable Auger Compactor for years of trouble-free performance. The Self-Contained Auger is ideal for wet waste such as organic material and medical waste, and with a displacement rate of 305 cubic yards of material, and an auger that always moves forward, you can be confident that your machine will run on time every time.

AP-7227HD Compactors


  • Denser waste volume, reducing transport movements and cost
  • Minimize waste storage space on site
  • 10-15 decibels quieter than conventional compactors
  • Eliminates the task of cleaning and maintaining the cylinder housing cavity
  • No cavities for organic materials to accumulate means reduced odors
  • Lack of hydraulics/hydraulic oil eliminates the risk of oil spills
  • Fewer components to maintain than conventional compactors
  • Reducing hauls cuts down on GHG emissions


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