We have a service plan designed for your needs

iSMART technology making your assets more efficient and sustainable

iSMART Technology detects issues and alerts our staff. Alerts are saved in our database and staff is on hand to both analyze issues and contact your company immediately to address them . Simple issues can most often be resolved over the phone with the guidance of our technicians. In the case of something more complex, Metro will dispatch a technician to your location. iSmart keeps your equipment in top shape and eliminates unnecessary and costly service calls.

What makes Service –

When most of the industry is doing on-demand service, why did we decide to go with Service plans? Our model is Super Service, taking care of the entire lifecycle of your equipment and it’s adjacent systems. Optimizing for performance, longevity, and minimizing downtime. Service plans allow us to take full care of all aspects of your waste system and optimize it beyond anything on-demand service can offer – a few orders of magnitude past it, in fact.


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