Pandora Remote Monitoring System

  • The revolutionary Pandora Remote Monitoring System from Metro Compactor enables compactor monitoring and baling equipment monitoring remotely, right from your desktop or mobile device using integrated wireless communications.

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    The Pandora system combines onsite factory built-in or external add-on hardware with an industry-leading software platform – Pandora Intelligent Networks™ – to give you, real-time compactor and baler data, 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

    Pandora gives you the tools to optimize your equipment and measurably reduce your waste management costs. You can eliminate unnecessary pickups, service your equipment to prevent downtime, and substantially reduce your overall carbon footprint.

    Remote Monitoring

    1. Check performance
    2. Monitor fullness
    3. Identify misuse

    Manage the Network

    1. Automate the scheduling of pickups and service calls track performance trends.
    2. Identify and address areas of inefficiency.

    Stay Connected

    1. Receive email or text alerts on your mobile device.
    2. Communicate important decisions from any location.
    3. Automatically escalate missed pickups or service call notifications.


    1. Schedule service before costly breakdowns occur Keep equipment operating at peak efficiency Receive malfunction and online alerts.
    2. Reduce service and replacement costs.


    1. Create a custom dashboard to view equipment data and analyze operating trends.
    2. Identify ways to enhance performance.


    1. Automatically notify the hauler when compactors reach their desired fullness level.
    2. Pay only for necessary pickups.
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