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Effective Solutions to Reduce Waste for the Residential Market

Whether you need to reduce waste collection pickups, manage hard-to-compact refuse, or find a solution for a limited footprint, Metro Compactor Service has a solution. Call or email us today for help, or to find out more about the exciting products and services that we can provide.

  • Compactors

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    Metro Compactor Service manufactures in house a range of apartment compactors to meet your needs. Metro’s in house manufactured residential / highrise compactors are highly efficient and built to last. Whether you need to reduce collection pickups, manage hard-to-compact refuse, or find a solution for a limited footprint.

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  • Containers

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    Find the right solution for your property. No matter what container you choose, you can be assured that Metro Compactor will design and manufacture it specifically to meet your needs. From waste, recycling, to organics containers and more… you can count on Metro to customize the right product to perfectly meet your requirements.

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  • Bike Rack

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    Vertical Wall-Mounted bike racks protect your bicycles while eliminating clutter in your building. Bike racks can be placed in the basement of a condo, or inside a parking garage, facilitating both security and neatness. Installing bike storage has the added benefit of encouraging residents to commute by bicycle, there by promoting public health.

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  • The Bin Tug

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    Specifically designed, the Bin Tug is intended to move and transport loads easily on all floor types. It provides gains in workplace productivity through a reduction in man power required to move loads. The electrical system in the Bin Tug provides power and control to the drive system. The Bin Tug operates on 24-volt DC power provided by two 12-volt batteries.

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  • Pandora Remote Monitoring

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    The revolutionary Pandora Remote Monitoring System from Metro Compactor enables compactor monitoring and baling equipment monitoring remotely, right from your desktop or mobile device using integrated wireless communications. The Pandora system combines onsite factory built-in or external add-on hardware.

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  • Rental / Lease Programs

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    At Metro Compactor, we offer a range of competitive compactor rental and leasing options to provide our customers with flexibility in their waste and recycling equipment purchase*. Rental programs include monthly to 60-month terms, 24-hour technical support for duration of rental term, full maintenance for duration of rental term, and more…

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