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Canadian Master Distributor of Marathon Equipment

Metro Compactor is the Canadian master distributor of Marathon Equipment, the largest manufacturer of compactors and balers in North America. Metro offers stationary and self-contained compactors, compaction containers, transfer systems, precrushers, vertical balers, and a line of environmentally friendly, solar-hybrid compactors. Find out why Metro Compactor is the leading supplier of waste and recycling equipment today.

  • Self-Contained Compactors

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    Self-contained compactors are designed to withstand the toughest applications, providing maximum durability and productivity in a wide a variety of wet and dry applications. Click below to learn more about how these high-performance compactors can make you more productive…and profitable.

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  • Stationary Compactors

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    Designed to deliver reliable performance in commercial and industrial applications, these Stationary Compactors are highly efficient and built to last. Whether you need to reduce collection pickups, manage hard-to-compact refuse, or find a solution for a limited footprint, , Metro Compactor has the solution.

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  • Compactor Options

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    Options are an essential part of any compactor installation. Whether the options are for enhanced safety, convenience, operating efficiency, or remote monitoring, Metro Compactor’s waste handling equipment can be fitted with a variety of enhancements to meet the demands of your application.

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  • Compaction Containers

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    Highly dense compaction designed specifically for roll-off hoists. Octagon Compaction Containers are available in 30, 40, and 43 cubic yard sizes to fit multiple roll-off applications.

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  • Vertical Balers

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    Easy to use, maintenance friendly, vertical balers are ideally suited for cardboard baling applications in retail stores, supermarkets, distribution centers, hotels, schools, etc.

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  • PreCrushers

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    Choose a PreCrusher to process bulk waste such as pallets, skids, and 55-gallon drums and get 30% greater compaction results than with a standard compactor.

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  • Solar Hybrid Compactors

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    Compact refuse using the power of the sun. Many compactors can be equipped with our patented Green Built™ solar-hybrid power system which enables you to use the power of the sun to compact refuse. These units can provide greater independence from the power grid and lower your energy costs.

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  • Transfer System Compactors

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    The M-Series and BlokPak 3000 Industrial Compactors are designed to handle the compaction needs of transfer stations and heavy industrial applications. Choose the M-Series to compact refuse directly into a transfer trailer, or the BlokPak 3000 to compact refuse into high-density logs that’s ejected into a transfer trailer.

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  • Auger Compactors

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    Metro Compactor’s Auger Compactors are easy to use and maintenance friendly. Features such as the short tail for dock feeding, or rear feeding, and the check valve action that assures materials stay in the container, all add up to a reliable Auger Compactor for years of trouble-free performance.

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  • Pandora Remote Monitoring

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    The revolutionary Pandora Remote Monitoring System from Metro Compactor enables you to monitor your compaction and baling equipment remotely, right from your desktop or mobile device using integrated wireless communications. Pandora gives you the tools to optimize your equipment and measurably reduce your costs.

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  • Custom Fabrication

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    Metro Compactor can meet all your waste and recycling equipment needs. We manufacture our own variety of custom high quality installation kits, with a complete range of fabricating services and on-site welding capabilities. These solutions enable our customers to attain set goals for sustaining waste management practices.

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  • Custom Installations

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    As a leader in the waste management equipment marketplace, Metro Compactor has successfully installed thousands of customized solutions for our clients throughout Canada. Each location is surveyed by one of Metro Compactor’s team members, to insure an on-time and aesthetically pleasing installing that meets your business needs.

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  • Choosing Your Compactor

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    Information to help guide you when choosing the right compactor for your application. Here you will find Compactor Basics, Selection Criteria that should be considered including information on size of waste, recyclables, safety standards, power source, convenience, location, and available space, as well as Compactor Dimensional and Clearance Data.

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  • Rental / Lease Programs

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    At Metro Compactor, we offer a range of competitive compactor rental and leasing options to provide our customers with flexibility in their waste and recycling equipment purchase*. Rental programs include monthly to 60-month terms, 24-hour technical support for duration of rental term, full maintenance for duration of rental term, and more…

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